MS Industries (MSI) strives to produce the highest-grade whole-grain silica products. Our quality program ensures the highest purity product with consistent chemistry, sizing, and color. MSI’s technical team understands the needs of the industries we serve and will work with customers to add value to products while reducing overall silica use and cost. Our consistent blends of silica products are versatile allowing for multiple uses throughout diverse industries.

Whole Grain SilicaOur whole grain silica sand comes in several meshes, varieties, wet and dry. With an onsite lab staffed with our scientists, engineers, and quality control team, we can create just about any customized product you need with the highest quality standards and product consistency.

We build our quality control program around the needs of each customer. Testing for chemistry, moisture, size, and other physical property characteristics are part of MSI’s daily quality control. MSI has the ability to provide specific analytical methods specific to customers’ requests.


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Whole Grain Silica


Whole Grain Silica from MS Industries:

MSI’s industrial whole-grain silica products typically have the following properties.

  • High Purity > 99% SiO2
  • Low Moisture < 0.25%
  • Sub-rounded particle shape
  • Inert pH 7.0
  • High Temperature Resistance

MSI product industries served:

  • Foundry
  • Roofing
  • Construction and Concrete
  • Glass
  • Rubber and Plastic
  • Abrasives
  • Filtration
  • Recreation and Turf
  • Oil and Gas
Mesh Size SiO2 Content Moisture Content
-40+70 Mesh > 99% 0.25%
--70+200 Mesh > 99% 0.25%

-40+70 MESH


-70+200 MESH