Gribbles Expanded Clay for Hydroponics, Gardening, and Field ConditioningGribbles Expanded Clay is an organic, red kaolin clay grow media. Hydroponic and aquaponic gardeners prefer this grow media because of its high water absorption rate and flexibility during plant germination and growth cycles. It also doesn’t break down during multiple crop rotations.

Additionally, the decorative red clay and silica pebbles enhance the aesthetic appeal of plant displays and landscaped fields. Instead of relying on inconsistent soil, horticultural experts can use clay pebbles to promote root health and increase aeration, which helps them waste less water and grow plants faster.

Using Red Kaolin Clay in Agricultural, Retail, and Garden Projects

Using Red Kaolin Clay in Agricultural, Retail, and Garden ProjectsGribbles Expanded Clay comes from red kaolin clay, a highly efficient expanded clay medium that benefits hydroponic and aquaponic projects. MS Industries sources this clay from the Hartselle Sandstone and Pride Mountain Shale formations in Alabama, and we modify it to achieve a neutral pH balance for easy garden use.

MS Industries maintains internal quality control standards to ensure the absorbent clay and silica composition your plants and fields need. Our Expanded Clay Pebbles weigh 44 pounds per cubic foot, and you can order units in bulk, super sacks, and 40-pound bags to best suit your project’s parameters.

The pebbles themselves come in different sizes according to their intended end use, whether that’s indoor growing or field cultivation. Choose the right size and surface area for fine-tuned water and drainage control.

Properties of Gribbles Expanded Clay

Gribbles Organic Clay Products
Most growers use clay pebbles for growing in hydroponic, aquaponic, and greenhouse environments. The grow media allows for consistent water intake and better aeration than traditional soils, pebbles, or other media. These properties render it the material of choice for large-scale agricultural projects along with domestic or recreational turf and garden markets.

Red kaolin clay and silica pebbles also provide aeration and good drainage in garden beds and landscaping projects. Farmers across the country use red kaolin pebbles to balance their soil and improve their water conservation practices. They can also mix them into their fertilizers to boost their effectiveness.

Retailers and landscapers use clay pebbles to appeal to both amateur and professional gardeners. The attractive red pebbles can be incorporated into decorative displays, used as athletic field conditioners, or added to fertilizer blends as filler. Absorbent clay can also pick up spills or improve storefront landscaping.

View the Full Line Of Gribbles Expanded Clay Products

View the Full Line Of Gribbles Expanded Clay ProductsGribbles Expanded Clay pairs well with some of our other products, described below. MS Industries prides itself using American suppliers for all its clay products. Some of our most popular options include:

  • Gribbles Field Conditioner: This product improves soil consistency across athletic and park fields. The playing surfaces stay stable and safe because the clay controls moisture. The expanding clay also improves field drainage, which reduces maintenance costs after storms and floods.
  • Gribbles Superior Absorbent: Every retail, commercial, and industrial space risks injuries that result from individuals slipping on slick surfaces. Gribbles Superior Absorbent reduces these risks, soaking up liquids without creating a mess afterward. Red kaolin clay absorbents can absorb both acidic and caustic spills, handling everything from industrial oils and grease to water. What’s more, the ability to quickly remove spilled liquids will reduce wear and tear on your facility’s flooring.

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Red kaolin clay pebbles are more than an alternative to traditional soil: this grow media promotes faster growth in personal gardens, professional greenhouses, and large-scale agricultural operations. It also helps maintain good soil conditions in parks and athletic fields.

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