Workers in the construction industry are turning to metakaolin as the clay of choice for strengthening concrete. One of the most effective pozzolans (silaceous and aluminous minerals that have been used in infrastructure projects ranging from Roman aqueducts to the Hoover Dam), metakaolin results from heating kaolin, or china clay, to 600–800°C.

Metakaolin strengthens concrete and reduces the risk of alkali–silica reactions. This makes it the highly effective material for building dams, highway bridges, reinforced concrete buildings, and any other application that requires high-strength, high-performance, and lightweight concrete.

More About Metakaolin

Construction projects have used Metakaolin since the 1960s, when Brazilian dam projects first developed it to improve their concrete’s corrosion and bleed resistance. Metakaolin now enjoys broad use as an ASTM C618–certified performance-enhancing concrete additive.

Metakaolin reduces porosity and enhances cement hydration at early mixing stages by acting as an accelerating admixture. Researchers have also found that replacing as little as 15% of your concrete with metakaolin reduces drying shrinkage and creep and improves its compressive, tensile, and flexural strength.

Adding metakaolin also benefits your concrete’s impermeability and durability and gives it a distinctive sandy yellow hue. Other research has shown an 8% metakaolin replacement improves compressive strength by as much as 40% over 28 days, and doing so also boosts flexural strengths by as much as 60% over the same period. Metakaolin-enhanced concrete could also achieve breaks of up to 35,000 psi when added at a water-to-binder ratio of 0.22.

Sourcing Metakaolin with MS Industries

MS Industries is an American research and mining development company dedicated to producing and refining the best clays and minerals that the Southeastern U.S. has to offer. We practice ethical and environmentally friendly mining processes, and we employ highly trained geologists and scientists to maximize our minerals’ potential after they’re unearthed.

Our comprehensive internal quality control tests ensure that every one of our products meet or exceed ASTM C618 testing standards. Instead of relentlessly expanding as many other mining conglomerates do, we focus on

  • Perfecting the minerals we mine
  • Preserving the integrity of our surrounding environment
  • Cultivating valuable and long-lasting relationships with our clients

Our process equipment includes a 1,600°F rotary furnace and ball mills to get the most from our products. We offer metakaolin in bulk and super sacks of various sizes, and we quote lead times on a job-by-job basis.

Metakaolin Mixed Concrete on the Jobsite

Metakaolin benefits a wide range of industries. Although many applications rely on it as a concrete additive, it also provides a number of tangible benefits when used on its own. Metakaolin has a number of uses in the following arenas:

  • Agriculture and farming: Metakaolin functions well as an admixture and as a diluent/carrier for pesticides, and it also helps with field drainage
  • Oil, gas, and petroleum extraction: Metakaolin is a great material to reinforce oil wells and drills because it can withstand high pressures, temperature extremes, and corrosive environments
  • Building and construction: Metakaolin strengthens concrete by making it less permeable and more durable; it also gives structures a distinctive sandy hue
  • Cosmetics: Metakaolin has good anti-caking properties and can absorb fats from the skin; it also soothes irritated skin and helps clear up breakouts

Metakaolin and More at MS Industries

MS Industries offers a full range of clay products that we deliver from American soil straight to your facility.
If you would like to learn more about our metakaolin offerings or about any of our other clays and minerals,  contact us today.