MS Industries is a mining research and development company centrally located in Russellville, AL. We provide the highest quality industrial silica sand products direct from the mine, and ensure they are mined in safe working conditions. All of our industrial silica products are Mined in America™ and Made in Alabama.

MS Industries High Grade Industrial Silica Sand Products

MS Industries offers a range of high-grade silica products, including whole grain silica, silica flour, metakaolin, and clay. Our knowledgeable and experienced geologists and laboratory team work to ensure we provide the best sand products in the industry. 

MS Industries is currently in the process of finishing the construction of our industrial grade 12’ x 36’ ball mill system.  This system will allow us to provide top quality silica flour, making us one of the top producers of silica flour in the U.S. We have also procured proven long-term silica resources with high purity silica contents of 99.5% and higher. Coupled with our 10,000 tons of onsite storage, we can ensure there is a continuous and reliable supply of both ground and whole grain silica products at maximum production for more than 50 years.

MS INDUSTRIES HIGH GRADE INDUSTRIAL SILICA SAND PRODUCTSMS Industries has a dedicated railcar and truck load-out facility in Russellville, Alabama, which allows us to provide timely and cost-effective shipping services. We offer a variety of fulfillment options and container sizes, and can ship to anywhere in the continental United States by truck, water, and rail. We also provide international bulk shipping using intermodal containers along with barge access on the Tennessee and Ohio River systems. 

Products Offered at MS Industries

At MS Industries, we have an array of high-grade industrial silica sand products for everything from oil drilling, foundry products, concrete additives to sports facilities and  cosmetics. Our superior silica sand products come in different forms and consistencies, so you have the correct silica product for your needs. 

Whole Grain Silica

MS Industries is dedicated to the production of top quality whole grain silica products. Our onsite scientists, engineers, and quality control specialists ensure consistent chemistry, particle size, and color. Whole grain silica is highly versatile and can be customized to meet your specific requirements. 

Silica Flour

Our silica flour, or ground silica, is useful for many industries, including oil, gas, fracking, medical, and food. Silica flour is often used in oil wells as a thickening agent and in plastic and rubber products to enhance their strength. Our geologists closely monitor the production process to make sure our silica flour is the highest quality on the market.


MS Industries is pleased to offer an exceptional quality metakaolin products in powder or granular forms. Metakaolin enhances the corrosion resistance, durability, and impermeability of concrete, making it highly desirable as a concrete additive in construction. The material is widely used in other industries, including oil and gas, agriculture, and even cosmetics. 

Expanded Clay

MS Industries provides superior quality Gribbles Expanded Clay, an organic red clay that is popular in hydroponic, aquaponic, and greenhouse gardening applications, due to its highly efficient water absorption. It is also used to enhance athletic field conditioners and as a filler in fertilizers. We source only the finest kaolin clay from clay formations in Alabama and modify it ourselves to ensure the ideal neutral pH balance. Our internal quality control staff is dedicated to ensuring the best clay and silica composition for your agricultural needs. 

Specialty Products

MS Industries offers sustainably mined minerals for use in beauty products, such as body scrubs and creams, facial masks, and cosmetics. Our dried clay powders and naturally moist clays are naturally occurring, cruelty free, and contain no animal products, making them a superior option for high quality beauty products.

Industries Served at MS Industries

MS Industries is proud to provide exceptional quality silica sand products for a variety of industries around the world, including:

  • Oil and Gas: proppants, microproppants, and oil-well cementation
  • Manufacturing: foundry lining sand, specialty mortar and concrete sand, roofing shingles, fiberglass, glass, and fillers
  • Horticulture: expanded clay pebbles, bulk topsoil, red dirt, and beach restoration sand
  • Athletic Fields: field conditioner, mound clay, red infield clay, warning track material, top dressing sand, and turf conditioner

At MS Industries, we are committed to providing top quality silica products with the highest possible quality standards. Our facilities are NSF/ANSI 61 Certified, and all our products are subject to rigorous quality control testing to confirm they meet and exceed ASTM C618 standards. As an  Northeast Alabama silica sand provider, we are conveniently located to serve customers throughout the Southeastern U.S. and abroad. 

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