What Industries Does MS Industries Serve?

MS Industries serves clients in a broad variety of sectors. Some of our most frequent customers include experts in the oil and gas, manufacturing, horticulture, and athletic fields.

These individuals and organizations turn to us for dependable, high-quality products. We maintain a team of skilled geologists and lab personnel. Each silica and sand product must meet the highest quality standards—as determined by our team—before sale.

Oil and Gas

Oil and Gas
Oil and Gas

Proppants and Microproppants

Proppants and their smaller counterparts, microproppants, play a key role in the fracking industry. They are mixed with water and chemicals and propelled at ultra-high pressure into wellbores, which then fractures the shale. Once that occurs, petroleum begins to permeate the cracks and move towards ground level.

Oil-Well Cementation

The oil-well cementation process relies on silica particles, which fill voids between grains of cement and create a filler effect.



Ductile Pipe Foundry Lining Sand

Ductile Pipe Linings and is a clean, uniform-sized, and high-quality silica sand that is used in foundry pipe casting to line the inner surface of the pipe. Numerous foundry casting processes require specialized silica sand. This sand must be clean, high quality, and uniform in size

Mortar and Concrete Sand

Mortar and concrete sand has a variety of applications. Depending on the industry and application, it may be used as a drainage, filtration, or bedding medium. Some sectors use this sand for flush seals, blotting for prime coats, and de-icing.


Shingles can be made from a wide range of granules. Many of our clients specifically request high-quality silica shingles.


Fiberglass is one type of silica-based glass. At MS Industries, we extrude glass into fibers with lengths at least 1000 times greater than their widths.


Fused silica is an entirely synthetic material and the purest type of glass available. It begins as pure silicon gas, and has the highest temperature characteristics of any glass once it’s solidified.


Most refractory products require dry silica products in various sizes. Refractory materials are utilized in high temperature applications where in most cases silica can withstand the higher temperatures.


A wide array of fillers—including Silica—is found in epoxy-based applications. These fillers help the epoxy fill the weave of fiberglass more quickly. In fact, fumed silica epoxy is an ideal gap filler. It squeezes into slight imperfection and remains in place regardless of conditions.



Expanded Clay Pebbles

Clay pebbles appear in hydroponic gardening applications and allow root structures to grow by acting as a stabilizing medium. The pebbles are also reusable and ideal for many different plants, making them exceptionally versatile.

Bulk Topsoil

Topsoil promotes general soil health. When used in topsoil, silica promotes cell wall strength and stem growth. In some cases, silica can even improve plants’ resistance to environmental stress.

Red Dirt

Red dirt (or clay) particles are made up of silica and a mixture of other minerals. Some of the most popular among these include quartz, aluminum and iron oxides, and carbonate.

Beach Restoration Sand

Beach restoration sand allows for the preservation of shorelines that begin to erode. Silica sand—the most common variety of white sand—is primarily quartz and can be utilized in beach restoration applications.

Athletic Fields

Athletic Fields
Athletic Fields

Field Conditioner

Field conditioners improve athletic field surface performance. They simplify moisture management and maintain field hydration.

Mound Clay, Red Infield Clay, and Warning Track Material (Baseball)

These clays are meant for high-wear areas. They are specifically designed to form play areas and mounds, as well as improve traction and player safety.

Topdressing Sand

Some lawns require topdressing sand. This sand (sometimes a prepared soil mix) is applied to the surface of lawns.

Turf Conditioner

Turf conditioner improves turf resilience and aesthetic. Silica-based turf conditioners have been shown to strengthen turf.

MS Industries: The Silica Sand Suppliers for Your Project

MS Industries provides silica and silica-based materials for a range of applications. Our services are easily tailored to meet the needs of almost any industry. We offer super sacks, bulk fulfillment capabilities, and deliver barrels and bags worldwide. If you’d like to learn more about our offerings for your next project, contact us today or request a quote for further details.