MS Industries produces and ships high-grade industrial silica sand products, mined and processed on-site, serving both regional and national customers. Our whole grain silica sand is available in several meshes and varieties, and we can customize any product to your specifications with our on-site lab and skilled staff of geologists. Our dedicated quality control staff and highly skilled lab personnel provide our customers with the highest quality silica sand and kaolin clay products to meet their needs.

Ductile Pipe Foundry Lining Sand

Ductile Pipe Lining sand is a clean, uniform-sized, and high-quality silica sand that is used in foundry pipe casting to line the inner surface of the pipe. In most all cases the sand will require a NST (National Sanitation Foundation) certification is required for these sands, along with strict quality control standards.

Concrete Sand, Additives and Mineral Fillers

Concrete sand and admixtures or mineral fillers are coarse aggregate material, typically tan or light brown, with shapes varying from subangular to round. After being crushed, the material is washed and screened to remove any large rocks from the final product. Concrete sands are a primary ingredient to mix designs and also has several other applications including:

  • Additives for special concrete blends
  • Ultra High performance concrete
  • Mineral Fillers
  • Fine aggregate for Portland Cement Concrete
  • Drainage and filtration medium
  • Granular fill
  • Bedding medium
  • Blotting sand for prime coat
  • Sand for flush seal
  • De-icing sand
  • Blotting sand for fog seal

Shingles and Laminate Backing

Silica sand is a critical element in the design of roofing shingles. Asphalt shingles are composed of asphalt, an oil-based product with sand granules applied to protect the material from prolonged exposure to the sun and elements that can lead to damage. The Silica is applied as a Laminate backing and also to the headlap portion of the shingle.


Silica Flour is primarily used in the production of Fiberglass. It is produced from grinding whole grain Silica into finer gradations as small as 325 mesh. Fumed silica is a mineral commonly used as a thickening agent in paints and inks, as well as epoxy mixtures used to apply fiberglass. This type of silica has a substantial surface area to weight ratio and enables coatings and inks to flow easily then thicken as it cures, reducing sagging. Fumed silica is added to powders as an anti-settling agent, allowing them to flow freely. In addition, it is an effective insulator at high temperatures.


Silica sand and Silica Flour are the principal components in all types of glass products, and its chemical structure is a primary factor in the final product color, clarity, and strength. Glass products for the construction, automotive, and food and beverage industries are all made with industrial silica sand. Other silica sand applications include test tubes, television and computer monitors, and lamps and lighting. In most cases for clear glass it will require a Silica purity of 99.8% and higher.


The proper blend of silica sand and additives creates polymeric sand, which is ideal as a filler between concrete and brick pavers. Polymeric jointing sand provides a durable jointing material that reduces weed growth and insects while offering increased stability over traditional sand.

Silica Sand Products from MS Industries

MS Industries’ team of experts and state-of-the-art production facility enables us to deliver products that meet our customers’ specifications. Since our company began,we have earned a reputation for providing customers with the highest grade, direct-from-the-mine, industrial silica sand products available.

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