Oil and Gas ProppantsMS Industries (MSI) supports the oil and gas industry by supplying two grades of whole-grain frac sands. Our proppants meet the requirements of ISO 13503-2 and API RP 19C specifications for Krumbein Shape factors, acid solubility, turbidity and K-Values.  MSI’s sand is mined and processed in north Alabama and currently we are producing a -70/200 mesh silica “Super 100” product containing up to 20% whole-grain Microproppants (-140/325 mesh). MSI also produces a 40/70 mesh silica product that meets all API requirements. Both silica products are mined from the Hartselle Sandstone and Pride Mountain Shale formations. Our high purity silica sand is mined, washed, attrition-scrubbed, dried and screened to size. With extremely high purity and whole-grain silica microproppants, our silicas are extremely reliable for the oil and gas industry.

Microproppants have been shown to increase output and extend the life oil/gas wells. It has been shown that by utilizing up to 20% whole grain microproppant in current well stimulation, over conventional proppant, can increase well output up to 30%.  MSI has specially designed our Super 100 to contain up to 20% Microproppants in our product formulation.


Oil and Gas Proppants

  • Economical advantage over Northern White Sand
  • Presence of microproppant is designed to stimulate smaller fractures increasing oil output
  • Reaches secondary, tertiary, and quaternary fractures that conventional proppants do not reach
  • Provides a Superior Settling Velocity Rate (SVR)
  • Can be utilized in multiple phases of the hydraulic fracturing stimulation process
  • Typical K-Values for microproppants finer than 140 mesh are greater than 9K providing a higher crush resistance than ground silica flour
Physical And Chemical Properties
Crush Resistance(K-Value) 8K
Krumbein Shape Factors Sphericity : 0.7
Acid Solubilty Roundness : 0.5%
Turbidity (higher due to microproppant presence) 337NTU
Density Bulk : 1.32 g/cm3
Partial: 2.66 g/cm3
Median Diameter 0.130 mm
*ISO/API testing does not include standards on sand particles finer than 140mesh.

Particle Size Distribution

Particle Size Distribution

Particle Size Retained(%) Cumulative(%)
60 0.0 0.0
70 0.7 0.7
80 18.2 18.9
100 19.0 37.9
120 14.0 51.9
140 20.6 72.5
170 14.5 87.0
200 11.4 98.4
230 1.6 100.0