“Mined in America” Means National Security.

 For decades, there has been a growing national dependence on foreign nations to produce strategic minerals and materials vital to U.S. national security. (U.S. Military Strategic and Critical Materials Reports).

In many instances, these minerals and materials account for the strategic advantages that the U.S. military relies upon through modern military devices and complex weapons systems. A significant restraint in the ability to source these minerals and materials has a direct impact upon U.S. military readiness and response. Encouraging U.S. mining and production of these strategic and critical materials is of great importance to the national security of the U.S. and to those nations that rely upon U.S. readiness and response. Encouraging the development of strategic and critical materials domestically is a rational and reasonable step in supporting and promoting national security in the realities of the 21st century. Incorporating new ideas, new approaches, and responsible stewardship techniques offer a reasonable way forward also.  Domestic resource development, production, and refining of strategic and critical materials can have a positive economic impact on local economies and communities throughout the U.S. while also serving the national security interests of our nation and abroad.

That is why MS Industries proudly supports national security and proudly promotes “Mined in America.”

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