K-Value and Microproppants

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It’s 4:00 am, there is a test in four hours. You still have to shower, make coffee, feed the dog, get the kids to school, and drive 45 minutes to the testing facility. That leaves you with 13 minutes and 27 seconds to understand proppants. Don’t worry, there is only two things that you must […]

Roundness, Sphericity and Microproppants

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Imagine a world where rocks are just rocks, or dirt is just dirt. Now jump forward to today where the name “biatite muscovite hornblende porphyritic granodiorite” exists. Why did the science of studying the earth get to a nomenclature. Simple answer, so two people discuss what they are observing at two different places. How did the […]

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MS Industries Provides a New Source for Microproppants

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Russellville, Alabama MS Industries (“MSI”), is a mining and mineral development company and direct mining source located in Russellville Alabama, is a primary producer of a wide array of industrial silica products along with frac sand and silica flour for the oil and gas industries.  MSI is now offering (>99% SiO2) “Super 100” whole-grain microproppants […]

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API Frac Sand Standards and Microproppants

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There has been a slowly developing trend in proppants in the oil and gas markets. That trend, the size of the silica sand. The market has demanded a smaller and smaller size of silica sand as the industry has grown and evolved. The size of the sand used in fracking started with mesh sizes like 16-30, […]

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Mined in America

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“Mined in America” Means National Security.  For decades, there has been a growing national dependence on foreign nations to produce strategic minerals and materials vital to U.S. national security. (U.S. Military Strategic and Critical Materials Reports). In many instances, these minerals and materials account for the strategic advantages that the U.S. military relies upon through modern […]